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UHP is an innovator in integrative health and fitness education. We are delivering an educational model that teaches and implements the practical skills essential to launch an impactful and meaningful career.

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UHP is the leader in health and human performance coaching.

We believe that a coach is anyone in a position to change someone’s life.

UHP is dedicated to leading and pioneering new and impactful programs in health and fitness education. Our holistic and integrative approach to optimizing human performance has transformed the traditional educational model. We provide students with a relevant and immersive experience designed to help them achieve their personal and professional goals as they transition out of the service.

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UHP’s 500-acre, all-inclusive campus at the base of the Ozark Mountains offers world-class education and training facilities set against a backdrop of nature. Home to hundreds of bald eagles, a majestic river, flowing creek, and abundant running and hiking trails, the UHP campus offers students a deep physical and emotional connection to the surrounding environment in a picturesque and serene natural setting.

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Discover Yourself. Find Purpose. Become a Leader.

UHP’s four-dimensional philosophy, The Blueprint, combines physical, mental, emotional, and social elements to generate a holistic educational and lifestyle experience that is a catalyst for self-discovery and purpose.

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I went through in 2017 and my life has changed for the better since. I have also worked as a Graduate Assistant in Classes 8-10. It’s amazing to see the growth of the University and it’s community. Looking forward to continuing as a Graduate Assistant in the future.
Lloyd Fowler
I'm now an operations manager for GE Aviation and a fitness and mixed martial arts trainer at Vision MMA. UHP reconnected me with a community that I value every day. That camaraderie is something I hadn't realized I had lost. UHP sparked a passion in me to help others not just physically, but emotionally as well.
Elis Lopez
Today I am currently a private personal trainer at my local EOS GYM. I want to give thanks to the UHP family for their deep investment into the life of veterans like myself. My experience not only reminded me that this world is about cooperation and not competition, but to serve others in this world with the wisdom and knowledge we all have embedded deep inside. I experienced a tight family vibe from the moment I arrived at camp and it grew stronger everyday! The amount of resources poured in to UHP is definitely top notch and gave me an amazing edge to stand out back home from all the other trainers. I definitely would do it all over again, IT'S THE REAL DEAL!
Preston Jackson
The program changed my life in so many ways. Not only did I gain a career path that I love, I gained a family and a purpose. Thanks to this program, I've been sober almost 2 years and am healthier and happier than I ever have been. The best thing I can tell people who are going is to keep yourself open to the experience. Fully embrace it. You won't regret it.
Danny Waller

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