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Who We Are

The Story and Philosophy behind UHP

A Growing Team of Experienced Leaders

UHP’s faculty and staff represent some of the most forward-thinking and progressive minds in health and fitness today.

UHP employs a hands-on team of human performance experts, health and wellness coaches, and specialized faculty who bring years of knowledge and success to students both inside and outside the classroom. Our educators hold backgrounds in exercise science, strength and conditioning, sports and performance psychology, educational psychology, health and wellness coaching, and business administration, and are equipped with a vast array of skills to help students apply what they’ve learned in real-world situations immediately upon graduation.

Our educators have worked directly with several prominent military, sporting, and educational organizations including 1st Special Forces Group, 75th Ranger Regiment, Toronto Blue Jays, Tormenta FC, Department of Veterans Affairs, University of Virginia, University of Wyoming, Virginia Military Institute, Georgia Southern University, and the College of Charleston.

We Live for Service and Strength

Matt Hesse
Founder, University of Health and Performance

Over the course of his career, founder Matt Hesse has utilized his commitment to education and mentorship to become a foremost leader in the health, wellness, and coaching spheres. As an Army National Guard veteran, former owner of several GNC franchises, and founder of a multi-national sports performance and nutrition company, Matt has been able to transform his dedication to service and sharp business acumen into a successful educational model at UHP.

Matt is currently an advisor to the President of the United States in areas of physical fitness, sports, and wellness.


The Blueprint

Think. Train. Feel. Lead.

UHP’s educational philosophy, The Blueprint, analyzes and explores the interconnectedness between our pillars of Think, Train, Feel, and Lead. The Blueprint is a dynamic process that combines individual reflection and group discussion to identify personal and professional goals and create a strategic blueprint for success.

With The Blueprint at the forefront of our approach to growth and development, UHP is able to provide graduates with the training and skills they need to launch and enhance their careers as coaches, leaders, and experts in health and fitness.

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