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The Experience

Life at UHP

An Immersive Educational Experience in a World-Class Facility

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UHP combines unparalleled natural beauty, a world-class training facility, and exceptional faculty to deliver a real-world-ready education in just three weeks.

UHP’s campus offers students a comfortable, all-inclusive setting designed to uplift and inspire. With a focus on total body health, our students enjoy an environment that combines natural beauty, tranquility, and recreation to achieve profound mental and physical growth. With a state-of-the-art training facility and over 500 acres of pristine natural beauty to explore, UHP students are provided with a unique atmosphere that encourages rapid educational success and personal fulfillment.

A Day in the Life at UHP

We pack each day at UHP with equal parts of our core pillars, providing diversified intellectual education, physical fitness, mental and emotional development, and meaningful social experiences.

Here is a sample of the schedule of your days at UHP:  

TimeFocus Area


Morning Practical Training Block


Mid-Morning Learning Block


Lunch / Open


Afternoon Learning Block


Dinner / Open 


Evening Practical Learning Block


Personal Time



A Community of Leaders Dedicated to Service

UHP prides itself on forging strong relationships between students, faculty, and alumni to create a supportive community of health and fitness coaches and experts.

UHP is committed to providing students and graduates with the support system they need to launch successful health and fitness careers upon graduation. Our entire staff and alumni are here to provide mentorship and guidance to ensure all of our graduates maintain access to the answers they need to continue to develop both personally and professionally.

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