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UHP Partners have the unique opportunity to uplift individuals transition into a successful career in health, fitness, and coaching. By working closely with our executive team to expand UHP’s capabilities, our partners play a vital role in shaping our vision and assisting graduates on their path toward success.

Corporate Sponsorships

Uplifting the UHP Community

UHP corporate partners provide students and graduates with supportive products, services, and employment opportunities

UHP’s corporate partnerships are essential to our growth. By partnering with national brands and companies, our students and graduates gain access to a wide range of equipment, health products, and career opportunities to ensure a rewarding educational experience.

Our Corporate Partners

C4 x UHP

C4 Innovation Lab

C4 has partnered with UHP for leadership development, scholarships, research, content creation, and Veteran-centric activations.

We’ve jointly created The C4 Innovation Lab at UHP, giving us the ability to innovate and test new product with 1000’s of students at all fitness levels, ages and ethnicities. Research trials for new concepts began in November of 2023.Br


Executive Experiences

Creating Meaningful Change

UHP’s executive partners work with us to build bright futures for all our graduates

Our executive partnerships provide meaningful assistance to individuals as they transition into building impactful careers in health and coaching.

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Hiring Partnerships

Driven by Excellence

UHP hiring partners provide vital input to generate an unparalleled educational experience

Our academic partners work directly with us to continuously expand our curriculum and offer students new and advanced education and training designed to give them all the tools they need to successfully launch businesses and careers upon graduation.

Our Hiring Partners