University of Health & Performance

Foundations of Health and Performance

Students spend six days on UHP’s 500-acre campus located in northwest Arkansas and learn from world class subject matter experts on how to holistically develop of physical, mental, and emotional fitness. Students practice identifying how to align daily actions with goals and values and a variety of coaching skills (e.g. active listening, feedback, behavior change). Graduates are empowered and equipped to optimize their own health and performance through their custom Blueprint Plan. As a result of their experience at UHP, graduates become more present, focused, and recharged, ready to add value back to their communities with their expertise in strength and conditioning, mental health, physical recovery, and communication skills. 

Graduates earn a UHP Certification as a Human Performance Integrator and a Mental Health First Responder. 

A tactical version of this course offers training and preparation for the Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach Facilitator (TSAC-F) Certification.


The curriculum is composed of four main blocks of education defined by four primary categories, encompassing a total of 54.5 hours.

Theory of Coaching (7.5 Hours)

  1. Overview of the University of Health & Performance
    a. Introduction to learning objective and how the four pillars of UHP- Think, Train, Feel, and Lead- comprehensively qualify graduates to work in the field of health and performance coaching
  2. Anatomy and Physiology
    a. Learn how physiological systems interact with one another
  3. Program Design
    a. Learn to develop effective, all-encompassing training programs for a diverse population of clients
  4. Lifestyle Enhancement
    a. Develop and understand the importance that nutrition, recovery, and sleep play in training and the healthy lifestyle of individuals
  5. Exams
    a. Written and hands-on final exam for course completion

Practice of Coaching (16 Hours)

  1. Lifestyle Enhancement
    a. Practical nutrition and active recovery education for longevity and health
  2. Hands-on Coaching and Training
    a. Participate in training and coaching sessions in which techniques, safety, and methodologies are actively taught and implemented

Psychology of Coaching (28.5 Hours)

  1. The Blueprint Inventory and Blueprint Plan
    a. Understand the importance mental and emotional roles play in the process of behavior change; develop a personalized plan for individual health and performance
  2. Art of Coaching
    a. Develop the proper skills to build relationships, influence motivation, and communicate effectively with others
  3. Mental Health First Responder
    a. Learn how to effectively communicate with others who are struggling
  4. Mental Health, Performance, and Well-Being
    a. Experience an overview of the general concepts of sports and performance psychology and how self-reflection plays a role in personal growth

Business of Coaching (3.5 Hours)

  1. Business Basics
    a. Review business types, communication, entrepreneurship, and networking
  2. Leadership
    a. Learn how to apply the pillars of Think, Train, Feel, and Lead with others

2023 Course Dates

  • October 26-31
  • April 30-May 5
  • July 9-14
  • August 6-11
  • September 3-8
  • October 1-6
  • October 29-November 3


Foundations of Health and Performance

Certified Personal Trainer Course

National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Precision Nutrition Level 1/ Sleep Stress and Recovery Coach